apresShower the Body Dryer

The worlds first total body dryer

apresShower® Body Dryer uses innovative technology to effortlessly dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective due to the air jets positioned vertically at different heights; maximizing thermal efficiency and ensuring the whole body is evenly dried.
What is an apresShower Body Dryer?

Why apresShower Body Dryer?

The apresShower® the Body Dryer is hugely beneficial to your independence, hygiene, relaxation, warmth and comfort. Whether you find it hard to use conventional towels effectively or because of sensitive, broken skin our Body Dryer can help.
apresShower the Body Dryer

How to buy the Body Dryer?

If you wish to purchase the hygienic, simple apresShower® Body Dryer you can buy one directly from your local reseller.


Michael Godwin a pilot, engineer and inventor, designed the award winning body dryer and registered apresShower Ltd in 1991. Michael successfully brought his product to the UK and European market. Unfortunately, severe dementia meant that Michael was no longer able to be involved on a day to day basis in the business. He sadly passed away in 2017.

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