apresShower the Body Dryer

What is the apresShower Body Dryer

The apresShower®, is the worlds first total body dryer.

Why apresShower

What is the apresShower?

The apresShower® uses innovative technology to dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective and efficient due to the air pores that are positioned at different heights along the body dryer leg. The airflow increases the rate of evaporation from the skin and ensures the whole body is evenly dried.

The unique design, consisting of the pod, which houses the raw mechanics of the dryer and the high-powered motor and heater create the hot air that flows down the leg and is then emitted via the tear-drop pores. Overall the unit is designed to fit neatly into the corner of a shower cubicle or wet room.

Fitting and maintaining the apresShower® Body Dryer is extremely easy. It fits neatly into shower cubicles, while the leg can be reduced in size for a varied range of situations. For example over the side of an existing bath. A suitably certified electrician will have no issues connecting the dryer up safely.

The ABS plastic is a hard wearing, durable material, found in cars, vacuums and body dryers. Only a little amount of soapy water or good quality detergent is required to keep the dryer looking new. After the guarantee expires on your apresShower® there is the option of buying an extended warranty to rejuvenate your dryer.

What is the apresShower? – Hygiene

apresShower® Body Dryer is the most hygienic way to dry. A recent study found that “E. coli bacteria was found on 25.6% of towels”. Towels can be a source of bacteria in bathrooms. apresShower® dries the body with no contact to the skin, just pure, warm air. This ultimately protects against and reduces the transmission of bacteria.

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